Racer Quest for Veterans with Disabilities

Veterans KayakingAre you a disabled Veteran interested in canoeing or kayaking? Or a disabled Veteran already experienced in kayaking?

The Town of Quantico, in cooperation with the American Canoe Association (ACA) and USA Canoe/Kayak (USACK), are looking for eligible disabled Veterans to participate in their upcoming Racer Quest for Veterans with Disabilities project being held on May 27th and 28th.

This project is being funded through the Veterans Administration’s (VA) Adaptive Sports Grant (ASG) Program. The Racer Quest for Veterans with Disabilities project will create an adaptive sports outreach program to introduce disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces to introductory through elite levels of paddlesports.

On Saturday May 27th the project will focus on introducing disabled Veterans to the whole-life health benefits of using a kayak as a recreational activity. On Sunday May 28th the project will allow disabled Veterans to participate in the Racer Quest program which is a gateway to competing at the national and international levels in paddlesport as an elite athlete.

Please go to www.townofquantico.org to find out how to participate.

Questions and comments should be directed to Sean McCarthy, Director of Sports and Recreation at dir.sports.recreation@townofquantico.org

Link to Town of Quantico page:
Link to American Canoe Association page:
Link to USA Canoe/Kayak (USACK) page:

An Update from Supervisor Caddigan

Dear Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let us hope that 2016 will be a happy, healthy and prosperous one.

As I traveled throughout the District last year most concerns I heard centered on growth, crowded schools and traffic congestion.

The Dillon Rule – Several years ago I shared with you that Virginia is a Dillon Rule State. John Dillon was an American jurist who served on both federal and Iowa courts.  His theory of state preeminence over local governments was expressed as the Dillon Rule in Virginia in 1868.  As such, local governments can do only which is authorized by our representatives in Richmond to provide adequate facilities.  For the record adequate facilities includes sufficient road networks, schools and public safety. Without the authority we have no means of adequately controlling growth. Prime examples are developments on Cardinal Drive, Fuller Heights Road, Edgemore Homes in Triangle and homes east of Route 1 in Triangle.  Zoning for them was approved years ago without Board approval. Those old developments do not have to abide with current requirements including proffers that help with the costs of school sites, transportation, libraries, parks and public safety.

We often speak of stale zoning when discussing growth issues. It is seldom, however, that people fully understand the implications of the term.  There are many properties throughout the County that were approved for home construction as many as 20 or 30 years ago.  The related issue is that virtually never were proffers considered for infrastructure requirements. Stale zoning then becomes a major concern for the Board of Supervisors since we have absolutely no control over land zoned as far back as the 1950’s.  There are several thousand homes and apartments in the pipeline that can surface at any time as significant funding impacts without the necessary provision for infrastructure needs.  I hope this explanation better clarifies the implications of the Dillon Rule.

Libraries– The official opening of the Montclair Library has been delayed to the end of January  due to electrical issues. Connie Gilman, County Library Executive Director, has informed me that otherwise the facility is fully furnished and stocked with books.  The Board of Supervisors approved funds for the relocation of the Dumfries Neighborhood Library to a new location in the Triangle Shopping Center.  The move will provide added space while keeping it in the town where it is needed and well-used.

Thank you for your support of my reelection. It is an honor to represent you. As always you can contact me with your questions or concerns at 703-792-4645 or by e-mail at mcaddigan@pwcgov.org.

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